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Craft Cannabis Collection Is Here!
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Exceptional Cannabis - Crafted for You

What makes Sugarbud Craft Cannabis so special?
We take pride. We take our time.

Our collection of unique strains is methodically curated, and hand cultivated to the highest standards throughout the entire growing cycle. After harvest, our cannabis is gently hung to dry over 14 days and then cold barrel cured for an additional 14 days. Our signature curing process allows our dried flower to reach its full potential - preserving and enhancing flavor rich terpenes and potency in every bud.

Meticulously finished and hand packed: we take our time with every gram to ensure an exceptional experience.

From the moment you open a jar of Sugarbud Craft Cannabis and breathe in the beautiful terpene-rich aromas to your very last roll; our approach to fine cannabis and our Craft Cannabis Collection ensures a clean smooth burn, a rich flavorful finish and an experience to remember.

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Now Available in Saskatchewan.
Coming Soon to Alberta and British Columbia.

Not just a Jar.

No detail has been overlooked to maintain the purity and quality of our flower. Our re-usable and recyclable glass jars are designed to optimally preserve and showcase our fine cannabis on your shelf. The black color is crucial to keeping sunlight out and the glass itself keeps your cannabis fresh and the moisture content at a consistent level. The compact shape and smooth delicate lines help protect and reduce any unwanted breakup of our dry flower buds.

Sugarbud Craft Cannabis Collection:
Hand-Crafted Cannabis for a New Era

Sugarbud is proud to bring Western Canada's long tradition of exceptional select-batch craft cannabis to the most discerning of consumers - looking for easier days, restful nights and memorable moments with friends and family

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